Revolutionary Technology

Smarter. Faster. More efficient.

Cerawave is a revolutionary plasma technology harnessing RF energy. Cerawave provides industries with powerful and sustainable plasma, allowing instruments and machinery to achieve outstanding performances and results.

Mobility Possibility

The World’s Smallest ICP

Meet the MICAP-OES 1000. With the smallest footprint of any commercially available spectrometer, the MICAP OES-1000 screens core samples on location allowing for faster results.

Powered with easy-to-use RIS (Radom Intuitive Software) software, the power of Cerawave technology, and a high-resolution sCCD detector, the MICAP OES-1000 provides simultaneous measurement of elements in the prepared sample.

Reducing Argon Dependency

Replacing Argon with Nitrogen


Watch our video demonstration on how MICAP-OES 1000 for trace metal analysis can significantly reduce argon dependency and laboratory real estate demands.

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Detoxifying the Earth with endless possibilities


Efficient nitrogen waste abatement method. Uses high temperature microwave plasma with Cerawave torch technology – more efficient than conventional torches.

Nitrogen Fixation

Produce nitrogen rich fertilizer with microwave plasma. Cerawave technology decreases reliance on industrial fertilizer lowering GHC emissions.


Efficient nitrogen waste abatement method

  • High temperature microwave plasma with Cerawave torch technology and more efficient than conventional torches.
  • Volumetric plasma provides more efficient power management and complete burning of hazardous substances and hydrogen that can be produced in parallel.
  • Electrode-free operation allows for lower maintenance requirements and lower cost of ownership.
  • Modularity and power scalability optimal efficiency with minimal power.

Cerawave™ Torch Technology

Nitrogen Fixation

Produce nitrogen-rich fertilizer

  • Microwave plasma nitrogen fixation systems can produce nitrogen-rich fertilizer.
  • Decreasing reliance on industrial fertilizer and and eliminate methane emissions in agriculture.

Optimizing Fertilizer Through Cerawave™