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Solutions for Mining

Radom Corporation developed the solution for instrumentation on location with Microwave Indicatively Coupled Atmospheric Plasma – Optical Emission Spectrometer with 1000 W power (MICAP-OES 1000).

This innovated nitrogen-based plasma atomic spectroscopy instrument replaces the traditional argon generated plasma technology. MICAP-OES 1000 uses highly efficient Cerawave technology that replaces the electric water-cooled coil found in commercially available ICP-OES instruments today and does not require air or water cooling. [MICAP-OES 1000 can operate on 110V or 220V, drawing power from regular outlets]. Industrial grade nitrogen (99.98%) is much cheaper than argon. Nitrogen can be produced locally with a nitrogen generator which eliminates the problem of ongoing sourcing of gases. It eliminates the need for combustible gases in remote locations.

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Cerawave Technology

Our nitrogen plasma is generated and sustained with Cerawave technology. The Cerawave ring provides highly focused RF energy which does not require air or water cooling. This innovative technology coupled with a high resolution sCCD detector provides a fast full spectrum acquisition. Our system enables simultaneous measurement of elements for all sample types and applications.

Features & Benefits

What can our instruments do for you?

  • Use robust nitrogen plasma with superior matrix tolerance.
  • Simultaneous measurement for fast analysis times.
  • Smallest footprint and light-weight design.
  • Reduced running cost/analysis.
  • Easy-to-use Windows-based graphical user interface of RIS software package.
  • The ability to display, store and recall spectra for every sample analyzed data display and reprocessing, without the need to rerun samples (original data is unchanged.)
  • Automated robust wavelength accuracy algorithm to ensure wavelength stability for extended sample runs.


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  • MICAP-EOS 1000 Brochure

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